Personal Injury Attorney in Elyria, OH

Attorney Michael D. Doyle has been helping clients in Elyria, OH and the surrounding area win personal injury cases for 25 years. He and his dedicated staff understand the devastating impact that a personal injury case can have on both the victim and his family.

Look no further, seriously. “Top notch from start to finish. Mr. Doyle was professional and enthusiastic about resolving my case from the beginning. He is very familiar with the local courts, prosecutors and judges and knew what to expect as far as possible outcomes of my case. Reasonably priced and genuinely cares. Even has contacted me after my case was closed to give me advice! My outcome was even better than either of us expected. Look no further, seriously. Thanks Mike!” - Shawn

Elyria Personal Injury Lawyer

Elyria, OH Attorney Michael D. Doyle can help you get the money that you deserve to pay your medical bills and lost wages and compensate you for your pain, suffering and lost quality of life.

Your case begins with a free initial consultation_ where you will personally meet with Attorney Michael Doyle who will evaluate your case, tell you what to expect, and guide you through the process. Your case is important, and our professional and dedicated staff will answer your questions at every stage of the process.

Call the Elyria, OH Office of Michael D. Doyle, Attorney at Law today for your free initial consultation to see how you can be assisted in obtaining just and proper compensation.

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