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What's The Difference?

The Ohio legislature has used several abbreviations for drunk driving over the years. OVI is the current abbreviation, which stands for operating a vehicle while impaired. DUI is a prior abbreviation, which stands for driving under the influence.

OVI is broader than DUI--the difference is that you can be convicted of OVI even if you are not actually driving your vehicle. In fact, the vehicle does not have to be moving or the engine even running to be convicted of OVI so long as you are in the driver’s seat and the keys are within your reach. “Physical control” is similar to OVI, with the exception being that this charge does not require that the vehicle ever have been driven or even started.

Ohio’s General Assembly have used other abbreviations in the past that stand for drunk driving, such as DWI, DWUI, and OMVI, with the current “OVI” abbreviation in place until lawmakers feel that further modification is necessary.

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